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Services Offered


I am licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in NM and MI.

I come with considerable experience working with children, adolescents, parents, couples, adults and families. Today, family systems come in all shapes and sizes. I honor this. Our systems are both in our home and outside our home. I believe that if you change one part of a system, the entire system changes as a whole. It only takes one person in a system to change, and the entire system changes. This is not easy work but with the right support and guidance, we can begin to heal and change. With experience in neuro regulation, trauma informed care, body/mind healing and emotion focused family therapy, emotion focused therapy and intuitive coaching, I am able to help unpack the knowledge and resources needed to regulate you and/or your family system. I can help you get the rhythm back in your life and in your home so that everyone can begin to heal in a safe way.
Sometimes we have one person in the system that is struggling and it can feel like they are the “problem”. I see them as a gift as they have brought you here seeking help. Welcome!



One of my passions is to teach and to guide. After 25 years in the mental health field, I am well equipped to supervise anyone looking to thrive as a therapist, including social workers or other mental health practitioners. If you are looking to become an independent licensed therapist, I can support you in this process. I am also available as a consultant for therapists in private practice who need clinical support. I am also a CCE Approved Clinical Supervisor.

I have 25 + years experience as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist as well as Intuitive Coach.

I have experience with supporting individuals and parents as they work to strengthen their own skills and create new patterns. This could be in areas of problem solving, communication, collaboration, co-parenting, setting boundaries, coping with a child in treatment and preparing for a child to return home. I can help you work towards putting your own self care as a priority which in turns increases the quality of your interactions with others, everyone wins! I would love to help you change patterns that are not serving you while establishing new patterns that will bring back your vitality.  

If you are looking for support, coaching and accountability to navigate your path forward with your goals, as an individual or as a parent, this is a service I provide, no matter where you reside.

Please note, this service does not live in the past nor is it appropriate if you need help with significant psychological issues. This is a wonderful option though if you are struggling to motivate yourself internally and need support and guidance as you navigate your goals.  I encourage you to schedule a phone consultation to see if this would be a good fit for you.

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