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My Journey

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I grew up in New England for most of my life. As a teenager, my mother and I drove across the United States together. This instilled in me a value to see the world and that I could live anywhere.

My journey led me to NM in 1999, where I have grown to love the desert landscape and the history. After having a family of my own, I returned for my Master's in Social Work and continued my path to helping people heal and live their lives with their feet on the ground. During this journey, I have also focused on my own growth and wellness. I have learned that self-care is so important, as humans, individuals, partner's, parents and care-givers, to name only a few.

My mission is to empower individuals, parents, families or organizations through empathy and collaboration, leading to the healing of the body, mind and soul. I strive to do this with a genuine sense of compassion and empathic understanding. I am a collaborator at heart both in my home life and in my healing practice.

I look forward to working with you!

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